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Daihatsu Rocky Parts

Daihatsu’s Rocky is a solid, reliable 4WD that will appeal to the buyer who is more interested in off-road capability than in the latest fads and fashions that fascinate the suburban 4WD owner.

The Rocky has leaf-spring suspension used in almost all models and is excellent in carrying loads.

From mid-1993 Daihatsu offered a Rocky Sports Wagon that used suspension with torsion bars at the front and coil springs at the rear. At the same time the front and rear tracks were widened redulting in a more comfortable vehicle with greater stability.

As well as the three-door station wagons, some with soft-tops others with hardtops, there were also cab-chassis and pick-up Rockys. The commercials could have had a rough life in genuine off-road conditions.

Some early Rockys had a four-cylinder 2.0-litre petrol engine, but most have a four-cylinder diesel. The latter engine had a capacity of 2.8 litres. It was sold with or without a turbocharger, with the non-turbo engine being withdrawn in 1990 in the wagon and 1993 in the cab-chassis. Petrol engines ceased to be imported in 1989.

Transmission is by five-speed manual in all models as this type of vehicle isn’t really aimed at those looking at for an automatic transmission.

Daihatsu Rocky uses part time four-wheel drive with the rear wheels being the ones normally driven. The front wheels are brought into play by the driver when required by way of a two-speed transfer box. The front hubs are manually operated.

Models in the passenger range are Rocky, Rocky DX, Rocky EX, Rocky EX Turbo, Rocky Sports Afield and Rocky Sports. The commercial variants were called just plain Rocky.
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