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Daihatsu Charade Parts

Daihatsu Charade is a small Japanese car that has been a big favourite with Australian used-car buyers for many years. Fully imported, Charade has a well-deserved reputation for reliability, with many owners reporting years of running with nothing other than routine servicing being required. So it comes as no surprise this is a very economical car to run.

Three and five-door Charade hatches are offered, all sedans have four doors. Because this Daihatsu is about half a size down on many other small cars, the back seat and boot space are fairly limited. The boot can be extended by folding down the rear seat backrest. Sedans’ boots are considerably larger than hatchbacks, they are relatively rare but are worth hunting down.

Charade is very easy to drive and to park. Being designed mainly as a city/suburban runabout, the Charade can keep up with country road traffic without any real hassles.

Four-cylinder engines are fuel injected and are smoother, quieter and have considerably more torque than the three-cylinder units.

Manual gearboxes are the better bet with the three-cylinder engine but the four-cylinder units can handle an automatic transmission without too much loss of performance.

Road handling tends to safe, and the small Daihatsu responds well to suspension changes and quality tyres if you see yourself as being an enthusiast and want to make it more interesting to drive.

The good amateur mechanic can do a lot of the work on these little Daihatsus.

The engines start quickly even when cold and have a relatively smooth idle from start-up. Four-cylinders are smoother than three.

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