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Daihatsu Applause Parts

The popularity of the little Daihatsu Applause models will ensure that the brand is around as a used car for many years.

The Applause was first seen in 1989,  but of more interest now are the later versions of the Applause, which landed here in 1998.

The Applause's clever body design looks like a conventional three-box sedan (to appeal to older buyers, one suspects) but it is actually a hatchback, with most of the accompanying practicality.

Power comes from Daihatsu's long-lived 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine.

The Daihatsu Applause comes with either four speed or five speed with dual front air-bags, power windows and mirrors. The whole boot lid and rear window, lifts as a single unit. Hatchback increases flexibility despite sedan appearance .

Daihatsu has built a good reputation for quality and the Applause generally complies .

Good reputation ensures reasonable retained value.
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