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About Us

Daihatsu Auto Recyclers is a professional Auto Parts Recycler affiliated with the National Parts Code. We guarantee that our parts come from vehicles that have been purchased through legitimate means. The company’s products consist mostly of used parts that are purchased from individuals and insurance auctions. The vehicles are checked prior to purchase that they are unencumbered.

Daihatsu Auto Recyclers keeps an inventory of the cars it purchases, so that we know what we have in the warehouse. There are some parts which are in more demand than others, and at times Daihatsu Auto Recyclers cannot buy enough of one particular type of vehicle to satisfy demand. When this occurs, we speak to the Wrecker’s Network which we have been a member of for 10 years. This is a Network of other businesses that we contact, that may help solve the search for a particular part.

Daihatsu Auto Recyclers is the ONE AND ONLY Daihatsu Specialist in Queensland, Australia. There is no other. When you need a Daihatsu Part, it only makes sense to come to the people who know about your vehicle. We will give you the best advice, service and daihatsu parts.

Our commitment to you is that you get the part you are looking for in a prompt time for a low price. Our business began 10 years ago from the ground up. We had an extensive knowledge of the Daihatsu Range as we found it an exciting vehicle to work on, and we understood the vast array of Daihatsu Parts.

Our Mission Statement is to provide quality Daihatsu parts at low prices satisfying customers. We value you, our customer, as a most important part of our business. If you are not satisfied in any way, please let us know so that we will strive to improve.

Store Manager, Daihatsu Auto Recyclers

ABN:- 39 117 326 879 


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